Are You Committing Electrical Code Violations in Your Home?

You may be one of many homeowners that are unaware they are committing code violations in their electrical system. Some violations can be dangerous, posing the risk of fire. Learning more about how to know if you are violating electrical codes in your home is important for yours and your family's safety. Taking A Closer Look At Light Bulbs A light bulb with higher wattage than a socket was designed to operate can cause a fire.

3 Commercial Electrician Upgrades To Brighten Your Food Truck Business

When you think of your food truck and ways to attract customers, the last thing you may consider is using a commercial electrician. The truth is, this type of electrician can offer you several services for your food truck business that will help with production, attracting customers and getting more out of what you already have. Here are a few of the commercial electrician upgrades that should consider for your food truck.

Heating Your Home? Consider Electric Baseboard Heating

Are you looking for a simple way to heat your entire new home? Perhaps you have recently added on an addition to your house and you need a way to easily heat the space. Whatever your unique situation is, you might want to look into electric baseboard heating. Not only is it an effective source of heat, but it is also easy on the wallet. What is Electric Baseboard Heat?

Dismembering The Octopus And Other Symptoms Of Outdated Electric In Your Home

Take a good close look at your electric outlets in your home and see what you witness. How many extensions, expanders, and adapters have you got plugged into one outlet? If it is enough to create what is often referred to in the electrician profession as an octopus, multiple plugs coming from one outlet, it is a good sign that you live in a home that is somewhat outdated. Disassembling the octopus is definitely a good idea, as it is a fire hazard, but pulling all of those cords will not solve the fact that your home needs some electrical upgrades.

Flickers And Scorch Marks: Knowing The Signs Of Electrical Problems

Now that you're in the market for your first home, you're going to want to keep your eyes out for potential problems. Size and location are important, but you should also watch for potential safety hazards. Many homeowners don't know they have electrical problems until they're faced with an electrical emergency. Before you end up buy a home that has wiring issues, keep an eye out for these potential problems.