Power Outages And Three Phase Electric Power

Power outages can be destructive to sensitive electronic equipment, resulting in data loss and possible physical damage as power is restored and surges into vulnerable components. However, sudden loss of power can also cause damage to massive industrial equipment that are running on three phase electric power systems. What isthree phase electric power and why is it used in industrial equipment? Three phase power systems use three separate lines working in synchronicity rather than a larger single phase line in large capacity applications, such as in powering industrial motors.

Curb Energy Loss By Insulating Around Your Home's Electrical Boxes

You may be losing money month after month, as energy is lost in the cracks and crevices throughout your home. One area that could be running up your energy costs is your home's electrical boxes. On your exterior walls and ceilings, even small gaps and cracks could be costing you more than you realize. Reduce drafts and the cost of heating your home with these electrical box insulation tips: Use fire-resistant materials.

The ABCDs Of Electrical And Fire Safety Through The Holidays

All of those twinkling lights, the cinnamon-fragrance candles, and extra wiring running throughout the house and maybe even outdoors can be an all out fire hazard through the holidays. You may prefer all of these additional items to make your home festive and merry, but some things do bring with them a few electrical concerns and dangers of a fire hazard. If you want to make sure you and your home make it through the holidays safely in spite of all of the extra accessories, there is a simple ABCD rule set that you should always follow.

4 Common Electrical Safety Mistakes You're Making In Your Home

No one wants to experience a home fire, but you may not realize you're making some common electrical safety mistakes that could lead to a fire. Check out these four common mistakes and how to fix them. Using Extension Cords as Permanent Solutions During the summer, maybe you use an extension cord to plug in a fan, or at Christmas, you use one for your tree. Using extension cords every once and a while for temporary use is fine, but you shouldn't use extension cords as a permanent solution.

Parts Of A Diesel Generator That You Must Inspect During Routine Maintenance

A diesel generator, just like other generators, requires routine maintenance to maintain its efficiency and safety. There are many parts to focus on during such maintenance schedules, but here are some of the essential ones on which to focus: Engine The engine is essential to all generator operations, including diesel generators. This is where combustion takes places and generates mechanical energy, which is transformed into electrical energy. The power output and sound of the engine can all be used to gauge the efficiency or performance of the engine.