Electric Motor Rewinding Or Replacement? Which Do You Need?

When an electric motor fails, you may automatically consider purchasing a new one. However, it might be possible to save money using a rewinding service, which is a type of repair. Electric motors with an alternating or direct current have insulated coils. When the motor fails, particularly the coils, it is possible to remove the coil and wind a new coil in, which is known as rewinding. Determine if you need rewinding or if a new motor is in order to help you save money.

When Is Replacement Necessary?

Replacement of a motor becomes necessary if the motor is much older and has various worn out parts and gears. By that point, it makes more sense to replace the motor rather than dumping a ton of money into rewinding and other possible repairs. Also, the purchase of a newer, more efficient motor can often prove beneficial when the older motor is worn out or reaching its maximum lifespan.

When Is Rewinding a Good Idea?

Rewinding is a great option if the problem is with the coils and the motor is otherwise still in relatively good shape. Also, you should take other factors into consideration, such as the cost of rewinding vs. the cost of replacement. Another factor of great importance is the downtime you will experience and the domino effect it will have.

For instance, if you must shut down part of your plant to replace a motor, will that create issues in other areas of your plant? If so, you may want a qualified technician to come out and inspect the motor. Rewinding may prove faster and more efficient than replacement, especially if you need the motor back up and running quickly.

The Rewinding Process

Rewinding is a relatively quick process in comparison to replacing a motor. Replacing a motor requires shutting down the machine, removing the motor, and waiting on a replacement motor. Once the replacement motor comes in, you then must wait for the installation process before you can get everything back up and running.

With rewinding, a professional will capture necessary data pertaining to the motor's coils and wire size. Faulty windings will be removed from the motor and the area cleaned to ensure proper fitting for the new coil. Overall, an expert can complete the job in a day or so, which takes far less time than motor replacement.

Contact a professional near you, such as one from a place like Hackworth Electric Motors, Inc., about electric motor rewinding services for your industry needs.