What Causes A Fuse To Blow All The Time?

Fuse boxes aren't as common as they once were, but they do still exist in some households. If you're having a problem where one of your fuses blows on a regular basis, there are a couple reasons this could be occurring. Knowing why this is happening and what you can do about it can help you take care of your home.

What causes a fuse to blow all the time?

The most likely problems include:

  • Circuit overload. Fuses are designed to shut down when the electrical load of the circuit exceeds a certain amperage. Different fuses can tolerate different amperages. If the electrical devices that are plugged into the circuit draw more power than the circuit is supposed to give, then the fuse will blow, shutting down the circuit. This is a safety feature to prevent problems with your home's electrical system.
  • Short. If there is a short in the circuit, then this could also be causing the fuse to overload. A short can happen anywhere along the circuit, including in the wires connected to the appliances that are plugged into the circuit.

How can you tell the difference between these two problems?

It can be hard to find the source of this issue on your own. You can try to reduce the number of electrical devices plugged into the circuit at one time, and this may stop the problem. However, this won't tell you what the problem is definitively because an electrical short could exist in one of the devices that you've decided to stop using on that circuit, or the problem could be that there were too many electrical devices in use at one time. The most efficient way to find out why your fuse is blowing all the time is to work with a certified electrician like JF Electrical Contractors, Inc. They can come diagnose the problem, and if needed, suggest a repair.

If the problem is a short in the wiring, they'll find the wire that has the short and make repairs if the wire is in your home. If your circuit is overloaded, you can either reduce the number of devices that you use at one time on the fuse, or you can upgrade your fuse box. In most cases, this would mean replacing the fuse box with a circuit breaker.

Why can't you just get the fuse box replaced with another fuse box?

Fuse boxes are not installed in homes anymore. Circuit breakers are the modern equivalent of fuse boxes. They function just like fuse boxes, but instead of replacing a fuse every time the circuit overloads, you'll have to flip a switch instead. For more information about your home's fuse box and how you can prevent the fuses from blowing, contact an electrician in your area.