The ABCDs Of Electrical And Fire Safety Through The Holidays

All of those twinkling lights, the cinnamon-fragrance candles, and extra wiring running throughout the house and maybe even outdoors can be an all out fire hazard through the holidays. You may prefer all of these additional items to make your home festive and merry, but some things do bring with them a few electrical concerns and dangers of a fire hazard. If you want to make sure you and your home make it through the holidays safely in spite of all of the extra accessories, there is a simple ABCD rule set that you should always follow.

Always thoroughly check last year's string lights before hanging them up. 

Strings of enchanting lights are a perfect way to show off your holiday merriment, but do be careful about using outdated lights that haven't been checked for safety. Examine every string of lights before hanging them for missing or busted bulbs, stripped and exposed wires, or even electrical shortages. 

Be sure you never leave all of your lights on through the night.

Turn off any lights that you have outside or indoors before you go to bed at night or leave the house. Even though the lights can burn for hours without incident, if something goes wrong and a spark is thrown or something shorts out, there will be a much bigger threat of a fire if you are not awake or home to take notice. 

Cut out the real candles and opt for battery-operated versions instead. 

Candles can be a lovely addition to a home decorated for the holidays, but it is a much better idea to swap out those real flames for battery-operated candles that have flameless bulbs that flicker just  like the real thing. In all of the chaos of the holidays, it is all too easy to accidentally leave a candle burning. 

Don't forget to keep your real holiday tree watered. 

If you are like some people, your holiday home is just not complete unless you have a real life tree situated in the house. While real trees are an awesome sight that fill your home with holiday-reminding fragrant smells, they can also be a fire hazard. Make sure you keep the tree adequately watered to keep branches and limbs from getting dehydrated, and keep the limbs away from electrical outlets. If you have dead limbs and pieces, cut them off and get rid of them and be very careful about the string lights you put on the tree by making sure they don't have any exposed wiring. 

For more information about electrical safety, talk to your local residential electrician.