3 Commercial Electrician Upgrades To Brighten Your Food Truck Business

When you think of your food truck and ways to attract customers, the last thing you may consider is using a commercial electrician. The truth is, this type of electrician can offer you several services for your food truck business that will help with production, attracting customers and getting more out of what you already have. Here are a few of the commercial electrician upgrades that should consider for your food truck.

Lighted Retractable Awning

If you are losing customers during the early evening or if you want to focus on the bar crowd, one way is to offer lighted eating areas. You can have a commercial electrician install a lighted retractable awning for your food truck. This gives you a spot for your customers to stand, order, and even a small covered area for a few stools if you want to allow your customers to eat at the truck itself. This allows you to keep operating after the sun goes down and to locate yourself in areas near busy nightclubs and their hungry patrons.

Exterior Charging Outlets

Lawyers, doctors, construction workers, and many other workers utilize food trucks because they are quick and easy. One way to bring in more of these customers is to offer exterior charging outlets for phones, tablets, and other devices. You can offer the option for your customers while they wait, while they eat, and offer a sitting area for a few customers who have the time to take a few minutes to sit down. If you choose to place your truck on a construction site, you could offer a certain amount of charging time with certain combo meals to push even more sales.

Flat Panel Television

During a busy day some workers may not be able to check their phone, check the news, or check the scores of their favorite games. If you are the only food truck in the area with a flat panel television, then you can attract new customers. They buy food, watch the scores or the news, and then head back to work. You can really make this electrical upgrade work well for you by adding food truck specials like half off during certain games or discounts if certain teams wins.

These are just three options that you can consider for upgrading your food truck. A commercial electrician can handle all three of these tasks for you and may have other ideas that you could use.