Heating Your Home? Consider Electric Baseboard Heating

Are you looking for a simple way to heat your entire new home? Perhaps you have recently added on an addition to your house and you need a way to easily heat the space. Whatever your unique situation is, you might want to look into electric baseboard heating. Not only is it an effective source of heat, but it is also easy on the wallet.

What is Electric Baseboard Heat?

Essentially, electric baseboard heat is a type of zone heating. In other words, they are installed into a space, or a zone, and they are operated by a designated thermostat that is located in the same room or zone. The electric baseboard heat works by the process of convection. A heating element is placed inside a metal sheath. That metal sheath is then surrounded by pieces of aluminum, which transfer the heat from that heating element into the room. The air that the heater warms becomes less dense than the cool air in the room, and as such, the warm air rises, thus pushing the cool air down into the heating system, which is then warmed and put back out into the room. This cycle continues and constantly creates fresh heat for the space.

The Benefits of Electric Baseboard Heaters

There are a number of benefits that are associated with electric baseboard heaters. Here's a look at some of the most notable:

  • They are quiet. Compared to forced air heat, which creates a loud blowing noise when heating the air, electric baseboard heat creates virtually no noise at all.
  • They don't require ductwork, which means that installation of this type of heating is pretty simple and straightforward. Walls and ceilings don't need to be opened up and the installation process is much neater.
  • It requires little maintenance. Since there isn't any ductwork, there is no need to have annual or semi-annual maintenance, which is necessary with forced air heating that relies on ductwork. This not only saves you money, but it can help you avoid problems with your heat.
  • Electric baseboard heat evenly heats a room, which means that you never have to feel cold air when the heat is on. This type of heat continuously heats the space, so you will always have a comfortable and even temperature.

Whether you are installing new heat in an addition or you are looking for an easy and virtually maintenance-free way to heat your new home, contact a professional HVAC company like Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co to discuss the benefits of electric baseboard heating.