Dismembering The Octopus And Other Symptoms Of Outdated Electric In Your Home

Take a good close look at your electric outlets in your home and see what you witness. How many extensions, expanders, and adapters have you got plugged into one outlet? If it is enough to create what is often referred to in the electrician profession as an octopus, multiple plugs coming from one outlet, it is a good sign that you live in a home that is somewhat outdated. Disassembling the octopus is definitely a good idea, as it is a fire hazard, but pulling all of those cords will not solve the fact that your home needs some electrical upgrades. Here are a few other symptoms of outdated electric hardware that should alert you to contact a professional electrician for help. 

1. Just Not Too Bright - If it seems like the higher wattage bulbs still refuse to radiate the right amount of light, it could be due to the fact that there is not enough power to supply them. Old houses are infamous for dim lights, and homeowners often assume that the problem is the bulbs and not the wiring. However, this is an issue that is caused  power supply thanks to an overloaded fuse or breaker to one specific area. 

2. New Appliances Not Acting Their Age - Without the appropriate amount of power available, the newer or more modern appliances that you have in your home may get downright crazy. Your washer may refuse to kick in to the spin cycle or the broiler may not work on your electric cook stove. You may even notice that your water heater is not heating as it should. This could be because breaker overload, but is also related to bad wiring, so make sure you have problems checked out. 

3. Rusty Breaker Cabinet - The breakers of the home are designed to be kept in a secure metal box for a reason. Metal wards off moisture and keeps these vital electrical components protected. If you notice rust around your breaker box or fuse panel, it means that moisture has started to affect the box, and it is highly likely that the breakers and fuses inside are affected as well. 

When you take a look at the electrical aspects of your home recognizing that upgrades and updates are needed can be a little overwhelming. However, with the right residential electrician, you can easily solve your electrical concerns and worries that come along with owning an old house.  For more information on wiring, contact a professional like D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc.