4 Ways To Protect Your Family And Home During Lightning Storms

The summer months can bring a lot of sun into your life, but lightning storms, also called electrical storms or thunderstorms, are inevitable. Lightning kills people every year, and a bolt of lightning can cause damage to your home as well. Here are some tips to keep your family and home safe during these storms.

Consider a Lightning Protection System

Before a storm even arrives, you have to do what you can to prevent damage from lightning. While you can buy surge protectors at any home improvement store, you may opt for a complete lightning protection system installed by an electrician like Attaboy Electric Service LLC. A comprehensive protection system offers far more protection than surge protectors, as it uses a system of air rods, heavy conductor cables and underground rods to divert electricity away from your home.

Get Everyone Out of the Pool

It may seem like a fun idea to wait out a storm in the pool, but water is an excellent conductor of electricity and can be very dangerous during a lightning storm. Make sure that the pool remains empty until the storm has passed.

Disconnect Electrical Devices

To be safest in your home during an electrical storm, it is a good idea to use as little electricity as possible. That way, you won't attract lightning to the house. Take the time to unplug electrical devices and turn off televisions, computers and other electrical items in your home, even the air conditioning window units. All of these things can carry electricity into your home and cause damage to your electrical system or injury to you and your family. Over time, you may find that lightning storms offer your family a much needed time to connect with each other, because there are fewer distractions.

Talk to Kids about Downed Lines

Before sending your kids outside to play, make sure you have a talk with them about what to do if they see a power line that has fallen. It is important that they know that they should never try to touch or move downed power lines. They should know not to throw things at it or try to move them with branches or toys. Sometimes, fallen power lines can be concealed by fallen branches or other debris, so make sure they know to watch their step. If you are unsure whether your kids will heed your warnings, go out with them.

Be sure to talk to everyone in your family about the tips in this article, so that everyone is aware of what should be done to remain safe before, during and after a lightning storm. Talk to local electricians about more ways to protect your family and your home.