How an Electrician Can Increase the Safety of Your Construction Site

One of the common hazards on a construction site is the possibility of receiving an electrical shock. This can happen both by the wiring of the building under construction, or the power supply units used to provide power for the tradesmen. Are you interested in reducing the chances of a construction worker receiving an electric shock on your site? Then you need to make sure that the electricians who are on your site perform certain maintenance tasks, and set up systems in the correct way. Here are suggestions on what electrical contractors could do to make your site safer from electric shock:

  • Wiring maintenance checks: on a construction site there are a variety of ways in which cables could get damaged and the live wiring exposed. Therefore, electrical contractors should be hired to check that all the wiring on site is secure, especially near the sockets. Usually 230v cables should not be used on a construction site, but if they are for any reason then extra care must be taken to conduct speedy repairs. Ideally the inspection of wiring should be completed at the end of each work day.
  • Working dead: to ensure that the different tradesmen on site are not going to get electrocuted by the wiring of the building that's being built then electricity can be shut off. However, the electrical system should be set up in such a way so that sections can be shut off. This will prevent the need for the electricity of the entire building or floor to be switched off.
  • Education of the electrical system: an electrical contractor, in addition to installing a system, should be able to help other tradesmen understand what they might run into in the course of their work. For example, the carpenters, handymen, and metal workers must know the potential live wiring or cables that are within the walls. Therefore, in the event of drilling a hole they will know what sections of the wall to avoid.
  • Equipment repairs: electrical equipment such as drills, saws, and grinders should be repaired by a qualified electrician rather than allowing any tradesmen to do their own repairs. By having a qualified electrician on site who is willing to do repairs, you will discourage people from making their own repairs. This also prevents project setbacks where equipment breaks down and there is nobody around with enough expertise to fix them to their full working condition.

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